Youth are important stakeholders, contributors and participants in our community and engaging them in the future of Sault Ste. Marie will help us develop a stronger, more resilient community. As a means of providing youth with a voice and connecting them with City Council/City staff, the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council (MYAC) was launched in fall 2015.

MYAC is composed of up to 12 youth from Sault Ste. Marie between the ages of 14 to 24 and the council meets monthly at the Civic Centre. The term runs from September to June. Members can be reappointed at the end of the term, if they so choose.


  • Educate youth in our community about MYAC.
  • Act as a positive advocate for youth in our community.
  • Support events created by MYAC that relate to the mandate.
  • Continue work on projects initiated by the previous Council.
  • Administer the Youth Initiatives Fund.
  • Provide leadership experience for youth.
  • Keep City Council informed of important matters affecting youth.
  • Seek input from youth on important matters affecting youth via surveys, forums and workshops and to address these issues through presentations to City Council, events or initiatives.

Get involved

MYAC members devote between eight to 13 hours per month on council-related activities. High school students can use time spent on MYAC activities towards their community service hours. To connect with MYAC, email:

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