Recognizing our fantastic local volunteers

I was asked to say a few words last week at ARCH’s annual butterfly release last week and I spoke about how, as Mayor, I am included in or invited to events across the community and I am always impressed by the care and kindness people in our community show for one another. I was in two parades this past weekend and I found myself reflecting on those comments during both and I want to thank and recognize all of the community leaders and citizens who made both events happen.

The first was our annual Rotaryfest parade on Saturday. What the Rotarians do for our community is nothing short of tremendous and to think that Rotaryfest is largely volunteer driven is incredible. It is a great weekend every year and it would not happen without the exceptional commitment and community service of our Rotarians.  If you have the time, you should check out the exhibit at the Museum celebrating Rotary’s 100-year anniversary in our community. And if you see a Rotarian, thank them. Thank them for their time and their effort and the care they show for our community. It is, really, remarkable.

The second happened on Sunday morning. We raised the Pride flag in front of City Hall and then walked as a group over to the Bushplane to start the Pride celebrations. Pride has really grown in our community and I think Sunday was the biggest group we have had for a Pride flag raising. It was great to see people from across our community celebrating Pride and really nice to see representation from our elected officials, Canada Border Services, the RCMP, the OPP and Sault Ste. Marie Police Services, including Chief Stevenson.

It is important to recognize that these events would not have happened but for the engaged people in our community that make them happen. Volunteerism and participation are essential to an active and vibrant community. We are fortunate to have so many people who care enough about each other, and our community at large, to make these events happen. They make this a better place to live and I thankful for their efforts.