Recognizing our fantastic Special Olympians and the people who support them

Sault Ste. Marie has a long history with the Special Olympics and our community is very proud of the many Saultites who have been involved over the years – whether as athletes, coaches, organizers or supporters.

With the 2019 Ontario Special Olympics Winter Games kicking off tonight, I want to send a message to all of the people involved with the games.

To all of the athletes: I wish you the very best. It takes an incredible amount of training to get ready to compete in the games. Your participation is a testament to your hard work and your positive attitudes.

To all of the supporters, organizers and coaches: thank you for helping the games and the athletes. Your guidance, assistance and support has made and will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of the athletes.

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Rejuvenating our downtown

Keep up with City Council

City Council approved six Financial Incentive Grant applications at Monday’s meeting that will help move forward positive changes in the downtown area.

The funding is made available through the City’s Community Improvement Plan approved by Council in May 2017. The plan allow for five classes of building improvement grants for smaller businesses and commercial buildings, and tax rebates for major new development in the downtown area.

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Pursuing growth in the film and TV industry

Keep up with City Council

City Council received an update at Monday evening’s meeting about FutureSSM, and in particular there is an important element of the report focused on the film and television industry that is reflective of the opportunities the City is hoping to address through FutureSSM.

This past summer filming for the movie, Hammer, took place in our community. Over a two-week period, activity related to the filming provided a boost that is outlined above.

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November 30, 2018

An open letter to Sault Ste. Marie

The conclusion of Algoma’s Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act proceeding is good news for the company and our community.  We have been involved in this process for 3 years and it has been challenging.  It has been challenging for the employees and pensioners, the contractors and suppliers, and the community – at – large.  Many of us are, in one way or another, connected to Algoma and many of our household incomes are either directly or indirectly dependent on its continued operation.

The end of this process brings with it some stability, consumer and community confidence and, with a big impending capital investment, a boost to our local economy.  That is all good news and we should take a moment to recognize and appreciate that we came together as a community, met this challenge and overcame it.  However, we have to make sure we do not take more than a moment or assume that the end of this process represents the end of our challenge.  It is not.  There is much more work to do to make sure the stability that comes with today’s announcement isn’t temporary.

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Sault Ste. Marie Budget 2019: have your say

With the public feedback window for the City’s 2019 budget now open, I want to encourage residents to submit feedback.

The above chart includes the numbers behind the property tax increases over the last four budgets. The first column (City) represents the City’s budget and any increase related to it. The second column (External) is the operational funding the City is obligated to provide to external boards and agencies. Some examples include the Police Service Board, the Library Board and Algoma Public Health. The third column (Surplus/Reserve) occurs when surplus funds are used for operations or a tax increase is deferred in a previous year.

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The importance of remembering

November 11th is about remembrance, and the act of remembering, and the importance of memory. On November 11th, we remember the men and women from our community, our region and our country who have served our nation in times of peace, and in times of war, and we also recognize the loved ones of those who have served or are serving.

Reflection is a significant and important aspect of Remembrance Day, and this year marks an important milestone to reflect upon. 100 years ago on this day at 11 am the guns fell silent in recognition of the signing of the armistice that would lead to the end of World War I. It marked a victory for the allies, and a defeat for the Germans. It was a result achieved through the sacrifices of Canadian soldiers, who had an outsized impact on the Great War.

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Showing solidarity in the face of hate

I had the opportunity to attend a vigil at Beth Jacob Synagogue on Thursday evening in honour of the victims of the mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. It was a moving experience and I was touched by the show of solidarity demonstrated by our community.

In particular, I want to recognize and thank the members of our local Jewish community. The leadership they showed in organizing the vigil is incredibly important.

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